Originally a picking nursery for the floristry trade, Balangara is a four and a half acre wonderland of mature trees, native plants and more recent woodland style plantings. From the hundred year old massive Sequoia in the middle of the back garden, the various mature beeches including tri-colour, copper and a dissected species, the grove of elms, the plantings of towering cedars- both Atlantic and Glauca as well as the many cypresses and the giant Magnolia Grandiflora, plus of course the iconic Mountain Ashes of the Dandenongs- you will be astounded by what is hidden away in this beautiful valley.

Every season is so distinctive and has it’s own treasures. In summer the cool breezes revive after the heat of the city and our creek trickles gaily on at the bottom of the valley. Lyrebirds and kookaburras greet the morning and the leafy cover of the elm grove keeps the heat away. In Autumn the block is ablaze with colour as the deciduous trees put on their finest show, equalling many of the best displays of the hills. Winter finds us resting under the occasional drop of snow and the bare branches allow the light to find all the bulbs and hellebore plantings and to bring them out to discover on your rambles around the hills as you venture out from the snuggly heated rooms to see the world in winter. From late winter to December the garden is so alive with a new display every week as different colours and plants emerge to reach out before the trees take all the light.

For those who love nature, every season has its own magic and there is something new to discover and treasure as you explore the grounds.